These Weeks in Amethyst 8

News from Mar 13, 2016 – Mar 27, 2016

Hello and welcome to the eighth issue of This Week in Amethyst, a blog bringing you the latest changes and updates regarding the Amethyst game engine every week (or two). If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to voice them on GitHub or the Gitter chat.

Eight pull requests, four in the engine and four in the tools, landed over these weeks.


Amethyst is now an organization on GitHub! All the Amethyst repositories have been transferred to this new organization, and the wiki is now completely open for collaborators to edit. The Gitter chat has also been split into multiple rooms to help keep conversations organized and reduce overall noise.

With these changes, some links may be broken. We will be fixing old links, especially on old TWIA articles, to ensure continuity. If you come across other broken links online, please let us know on the amethyst/website room on Gitter and we’ll go fix it!

The old WordPress blog is being discontinued in favor of this website. We will keep it up for the forseeable future to keep old links intact, but it will no longer be updated. Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds!

The entity-component-system is still undergoing churn under engine issue #10 and on the “engine” chat room. To keep our thoughts straight, @kvark put together an excellent Gist summarizing our ideas so far. Check it out!

What’s cooking on master?

Notable additions

  • Integration tests for amethyst_tools can now be run with cargo test (pull request #21 by @LucioFranco).
  • The amethyst build tool’s subcommands API got a refactor (pull request #24 by @White-Oak).
  • As you can see, we have an official website! It is hosted on GitHub Pages and made with, a static website generator similar to Jekyll written in Rust. Future This Week in Amethyst posts will be written collaboratively with public pull requests, much like This Week in Rust already does. Thanks to @Aceeri and @LucioFranco for the excellent effort! Check out the website repo for details.

New contributors

New issues