[][src]Struct amethyst_assets::Loader

pub struct Loader { /* fields omitted */ }

The asset loader, holding the sources and a reference to the ThreadPool.


impl Loader

Creates a new asset loader, initializing the directory store with the given path.

Add a source to the Loader, given an id and the source.

If set to true, this Loader will ask formats to generate "reload instructions" which allow reloading. Calling set_hot_reload(true) does not actually enable hot reloading; this is controlled by the HotReloadStrategy resource.

Loads an asset with a given format from the default (directory) source. If you want to load from a custom source instead, use load_from.

See load_from for more information.

Loads an asset with a given id and format from a custom source. The actual work is done in a worker thread, thus this method immediately returns a handle.


  • name: this is just an identifier for the asset, most likely a file name e.g. "meshes/a.obj"
  • format: A format struct which loads bytes from a source and produces Asset::Data with them
  • options: Additional parameter to format to configure how exactly the data will be created. This could e.g. be mipmap levels for textures.
  • source: An identifier for a source which has previously been added using with_source
  • progress: A tracker which will be notified of assets which have been imported
  • storage: The asset storage which can be fetched from the ECS World using read_resource.

Load an asset from data and return a handle.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Loader

impl Sync for Loader

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