[][src]Struct amethyst_renderer::DisplayConfig

pub struct DisplayConfig {
    pub title: String,
    pub fullscreen: bool,
    pub dimensions: Option<(u32, u32)>,
    pub min_dimensions: Option<(u32, u32)>,
    pub max_dimensions: Option<(u32, u32)>,
    pub icon: Option<String>,
    pub loaded_icon: Option<Icon>,
    pub vsync: bool,
    pub multisampling: u16,
    pub visibility: bool,
    pub always_on_top: bool,
    pub decorations: bool,
    pub maximized: bool,
    pub multitouch: bool,
    pub resizable: bool,
    pub transparent: bool,

Structure for holding the renderer configuration.


Example Ron config file:

    title: "Game title",
    dimensions: Some((640, 480)),
    max_dimensions: None,
    min_dimensions: None,
    fullscreen: false,
    multisampling: 0,
    visibility: true,
    vsync: true,
    always_on_top: false,
    decorations: true,
    maximized: false,
    multitouch: true,
    resizable: true,
    transparent: false,


Name of the application window.

Enables or disables fullscreen mode.

Current window dimensions, measured in pixels (px).

Minimum window dimensions, measured in pixels (px).

Maximum window dimensions, measured in pixels (px).

Path to window icon.

Window icon. This must be set before render initialization and takes precedence over icon.

Enables or disables vertical synchronization.

Level of MSAA anti-aliasing.

Sets the visibility of the window.

Whether the window should always be on top of other windows.

Whether the window should have borders and bars.

Whether the window should be maximized upon creation.

Enable multitouch on iOS.

Whether the window is resizable or not.

Whether the the window should be transparent. If this is true, writing colors with alpha values different than 1.0 will produce a transparent window.


impl DisplayConfig

Creates a WindowBuilder using the values set in the DisplayConfig

The MonitorId is needed to configure a fullscreen window

Trait Implementations

impl Default for DisplayConfig

impl PartialEq<DisplayConfig> for DisplayConfig

impl From<WindowBuilder> for DisplayConfig

impl Clone for DisplayConfig

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Eq for DisplayConfig

impl Debug for DisplayConfig

impl Serialize for DisplayConfig

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for DisplayConfig where
    DisplayConfig: Default

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for DisplayConfig

impl Sync for DisplayConfig

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